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EnOS™ Smart City

Envision smart city solution enables coordinated operation of all kinds of energy devices. By gradually achieving smart management of homes, buildings, transportation facilities, medical facilities, security systems, and industrial parks, smart city can truly become a reality. Envision believes that the construction of Smart City must create commercial value.

EnOS™ Super Brain

Our intelligent building solutions include commercial energy storage and integrated management systems. We create synergies and enable energy efficiencies in industrial and commercial buildings, saving energy and costs, while providing a premium user experience.

EnOS™ Smart Wind

Inspired by our heritage in the wind industry, Envision creates a smart wind power solution. improving power production of wind farms, requiring less operators, resulting in reduced costs. The solution also increases KPI transparency and provides predictive maintenance and harmony with the electricity grid.


We provide full life-cycle assets management and risk management, including smart siting, system design and optimization, engineering, maintenance and assets transaction for solar farms.

EnOS™ Intelligent IoT Operating System

Envision owns the world’ s leading Intelligent IoT Operating System, EnOS™, currently managing 100GW of energy assets globally.

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