The Envision Smart Building Solution (ESBS), equipped with revolutionary smart building energy storage, charging services and integrated energy management, efficiently manage the energy flow among equipment, perfectly solve the load and capacity challenges faced by energy-intensive commercial buildings and electric vehicles. Leverage the building big data and bring together the industry's best eco-partners, The ESBS promises world-class qualities and customer experience for all commercial buildings.
  • 01

    High-performance lithium-ion battery system

    Lithium-ion battery packs are selected with higher safety margin, longer life cycle, better environmental friendliness, and higher temperature tolerance. The battery system keeps more than 80% of the rated capacity after 5000 cycles.
  • 02

    Small and modular design for convenient upgrade and distributed deployment

    The rated capacity of each energy storage unit is 100 ~ 150kWh considering the field condition of business buildings, which facilitates the modular expansion and distributed deployment of the energy storage product.
  • 03

    Comprehensive safety design and certification

    Real-time monitoring system are equipped to each battery cell and pack. The battery cell, battery modules, and the PCS (Power Conversion system) have passed the 3C (China) certification. The battery cell has also passed UL (USA) certification, and CE (Europe) certification; the PCS has passed UL certification.
  • 04

    Intelligent EnOS™ IoT platform support

    The leading intelligent EnOS™ IoT platform, originated by Envision, will support the unified cloud-based deployment, operation, and
  • 05

    Cloud-based intelligent management software

    The iEMS building integrated energy management software, which will be deployed based on cloud, has the ability of self-planning, self-sensing, self-diagnosis, and self-learning. The real time building operation status, energy consumption data, and energy saving data can be conveniently accessed by the iEMS users.
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