The EnOS Intelligent IoT Platform
Based on energy management, driven by technological innovation, is committed to becoming the foundation platform and decision-making center for smart city management. By connecting equipment, data, applications and people, with massive data analysis, intelligent decision-making and automatic response, together with ecological partners and creating super-applications across fields, we will help to promote the process of building a global smart city.
  • Connectivity

    EnOS™Platform supports to connect the energy devices such as power generation device/distrubution device/energy storage/electric vehicles/charging piles/smart meters and other fields of energy equipment.

  • Big Data

    EnOS™platform not only manages the massive data of energy equipment, but also provides authoritative public data services to help smart city solutions.

  • Intelligence

    Based on industry precipitation machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, EnOS platform takes on the role of smart city decision-making center.

  • Synergy

    Only by breaking down the isolated islands of information in all aspects and building, building a unified urban management platform and eco-environment, achieve the coordinated management of equipment, people and data, can we be able to provide a smart city solution that meets the needs of customers.

  • Security

    From the phycial layer to the application layer, EnOS integrates the industry-leading security solutions

  • Benefits
  • Reduce the investment of the
    electricity assets and the cost
    of the network transformation

  • Ensure the safety and
    stability of the power grid

  • Optimize investment

  • Create the new
    business model