Smart solar is the world's leading platform for asset trading and management. And it optimizes, form, trade and manage PV plant assets and provide financial solutions to financial institutions and utility investors based on Apollo ratings, technology, software, big data and ecosystems.
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    3rd Party

    Not related to
    Equipment manufacture/Profession/Credibility
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    From site selection, design and construction to operation and maintenance, trading, it provides a solution to the life cycle of PV power plants.
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    Financial Community

    It is a widely recognized standard and technology in the financial community and serves more than 50 domestic financial institutions
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    It covers areas such as distributed solar, energy storage, charging, energy efficiency management and providesenergy solutions
  • 10GW

    solar assets in China and
    oversea market has connect to
    EnOS platform.

  • 8GW

    has been traded under
    the service of Apollo

  • 450

    billion of solar

  • Benefits
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    Intelligent Connection

    A strong IoT access technology : Standardized access to massive physical data is accurate, comprehensive and stable
  • 02

    Big Data Analysis

    Big data processing capabilities : Automated data cleaning tools -> Validation -> Insight -> Decision
  • 03

    Artificial Intelligence

    North American R & D Center, the latest machine learning algorithm results : Based on a variety of complex algorithms and big data engine of machine learning , so that the power station operation is intelligent.
  • 04

    Flexcible Adaptation

    High compatibility solution : Public Cloud / Private Cloud / Hybrid Cloud; Centralized / Distributed / Wind & Solar Integration