1098 Turbines
150 Thousand of PV Panels
Centralized Managed

A large state renewable energy company in China with huge number of wind power and solar stations needed centralized control and monitoring of assets at corporate level.

Control Center

EnOS™ renewable energy software integrates the core assets, covering 13 renewable stations in Inner Mongolia, into one platform, eliminating information silos while achieving a timely response to grid demand.

Value Creation

Significant savings in O&M cost :Operation cost saving up to $6/kW per year with fewer local operating staff

Less time spent in standard inspections and repairs: Predictive maintenance based on data analysis and machine learning technology

To address the industry’s serious challenges, Envision has built an innovative portfolio of renewable energy software solutions. This could not be possible without its EnOS™ – one of the world’s biggest energy IoT operating system– and its extensive expertise in wind and solar power fields. Renewable energy power stations today are evolving towards smarter ones: transparent, grid-friendly, predictively maintained, and less attended. And we provide the technologies and services they need to make this evolution a success: facility data acquisition, fleet monitoring, production loss analysis, machine-learning based asset health evaluation, power output prediction, AGC/AVC control, and more.


Centralized control of wind & PV assets, direct connection, and fewer staff on duty

Operation cost saving up to $6/kW per year Reduce 6 operators per farm

Accurate analysis of production loss and customizable reporting

Accurate loss analysis hiking up revenue of a transparent renewable energy power stations by 3%

Machine learning enabling predictive maintenance

Reduced production loss caused by unscheduled shutdowns, increasing power generation revenue by 3%

High-accuracy power forecast and AGC/AVC control helping build grid-friendly renewable energy power stations

Delivering high-accuracy renewable power forecasts better than the industry average by 5% Increasing power generation revenue by 2%

Smart Wind Farm Solution


With precision, efficiency and cost reduction as fundamentals, based on big data and cloud computing information technology, Greenwich™ works throughout the integration and development lifecycle of wind farm products, covering the planning, design, construction and production stages. Also, Greenwich™ is designed to manage wind power investment risk and maximize capital appreciation. By establishing a validation system based on design, operational, meteorological, environmental, and asset operation data, Greenwich™ is able to continuously optimizing wind farm performance.

EnOS™ Wind Based on EnOS™ Intelligent IoT Operating System

EnOS™ Wind is an operating system for wind farms. Based on the intelligent IoT operating system and its applications, the customers can transfer the traditional wind farms into the smart wind farms with the following features: unmanned wind farm with remote supervision and regional maintenance; transparent wind farm with EBA and production loss analysis; grid friendly wind farm with accurate power forecast and controls based on wind CFD model; wind farm based on prognostic health management, increasing production by 10% and reducing O&M costs by 20%.


•Public database and weather service of renewable energy resources
•Macro-planning and siting
•Asset management and data application of wind resource measurement
•CFD simulation based on supercomputer models
•Optimizes micro-siting and assesses AEP
•Booster station siting and design optimization
•Collector circuit design optimization
•Tower foundation integrated design
•Road design
•Financial analysis
•Identifies risks and analyzes return probability
•Validation system based on design and operational database

EnOS™ Wind

• USCADA, direct device connection and wind farm local monitoring
•EnOS™ Wind, wind farm integration control and cloud platform
•EnOS™ Kong, wind power and generation forecast
•Enlight Wind, wind farm performance analysis and power efficiency rate