To address the industry’s most serious challenges, Envision Energy has built an innovative portfolio of smart wind power solutions. This could not be possible without its EnOS™, the world’s No.1 energy IoT platform, and its decade long experience in the field. Today’s wind farms are evolving towards smarter ones: transparent, grid-friendly, predictively maintained, and less attended. And we have everything their owners need during the process: equipment data acquisition, fleet monitoring, production loss analysis, machine-learning based asset health evaluation, power output prediction, AGC/AVC control, and more.
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    Direct Connection to PLC

    Directly accessing all data of wind turbines and photovoltaic controllers through IoT technologies;
    Connecting 140 wind turbine models and 650 photovoltaic inverter models to EnOS™ energy IoT platform
  • 02

    Certified Security

    Linux-based, certified to comply with NECR, Class 3 protection, and ISO 27001
  • 03

    High Accuracy

    Forecast : forecast accuracy better than industrial average by 5%
    Control : AGC error <1%; AVC error <1%
    Control : AGC error <1%; AVC error <1% Data : both qualified data coverage and production loss analysis accuracy >95%
  • 04

    Machine Learning

    Accurate forecast for power production and equipment health early warning enabled by machine learning algorithms trained using 2 PB high-quality data
  • Benefits
  • 01

    Up to

    Staff and IoT equipment performance improvement driven by accurate production loss analysis
    Reduced unscheduled shutdowns and performance losses
    Less penalties from grid
    8% production increase
  • 02

    Operation cost
    reduction up to

    Fewer local operating staff
    Reduced cost in major component replacements
    Kw/Per year
  • 03

    Improved management practices