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What lies ahead of the connected world we live in is the world of connected Intelligence. IDC predicts by 2019, All Digitally Transformed Organizations Will Generate at Least 45% of Their Revenue from "Future of Commerce" Business Models. 
Intelligent technologies that integrate seamlessly for a sustainable future. Access intelligent technologies that work together across business processes, enterprise applications, and platforms. Use them to create an end-to-end solution that drives better outcomes and boost results. 
EnOS™ is Envision’ s Energy IoT Operating System based on open source technology . Currently it helps manage over 180GW energy assets globally, connecting over 63 million sensors and smart devices. 

Energy Management



Apollo PV

APOLLO Leading Distributed Solar Mgmt Platform in China

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Wind Software

EnOS™ renewable energy software solutions bring transparency, predictive maintenance, less intervention, and better grid integration to renewable energy power stations.

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The Energy IoT Operating System - EnOS™

The future energy world will be a fragmented energy system composed of buillons of renewable energy power generation, energy storage and smart devices, which need to be reconstructed and integrated in the digital world. The Energy IoT OPERATING SYSTEM is the key for achieving this. 

Cost Effectiveness

Dynamic Optimization

Open Innovation

Smart Storage

Let the energy to be produced, stored and consumed freely among devices in a brand new visible way. Control and manage your own energy more efficiently.

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