Envision Energy
Orchestrating Beautiful Energy®
Wind and solar energy
Envision is one of the world’s largest smart energy management companies with more than 10 GW of Envision smart wind turbines in operation. Our heritage began in wind energy, but wind was just our starting point.
We are revolutionising how energy is generated, stored, managed and used; advancing technologies that will revolutionise the industry, seamlessly connecting and managing all components in the energy ecosystem. Envision is orchestrating a future of clean, secure, plentiful power we call Beautiful Energy®
7,771,220.5 kWh
Clean power generated
7,747,906.9 Kg
Abated CO2
Envision is the first in the industry to develop the innovative smart turbine, which features core smart control technology, advanced measurement methods, and expert data analysis system, active performance control and reliability-based deterministic algorithms.


All that innovation means that these turbines always run at their optimum working condition, getting the most out of their service life and power generation. In fact, the efficiency of power generation can be increased by as much as 20%.

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