Smart Wind Technology
Envision turbines are precisely engineered for performance and reliability. Sensor built-in turbines optimize wind farm performance and financial return by means of machine learning.
  • Over The Past Five Years, The Newly Installed Capacity Of Envision Has Grown More Than 40% Per Annum,
  • Installation Of More Than 10 GW Smart Wind Turbines Globally,
  • Envision Was Selected As The Only Turbine OEM To Develop A Super­ conducting Turbine With €15 Million Funding From EU’s Horizon 2020 Program.
  • Ranked The World's Best Wind Turbine Units In 2016 By Global Leading Media "WIND POWER MONTHLYTM, Four Chinese Brands Selected, Of Which Three Were From Envision.
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Onshore Smart Wind Turbine
Envision has pioneered development and innovation of wind turbines". Envision's world first smart wind turbine for low wind speed sites has accelerated the strategic realignment of China's wind power industry by effectively tapping low wind speed areas, which account for more than 60% of China's wind resource.
So far, Envision has the largest market share in low wind speed turbines in China. In April 2017, the first 140-meter steel tower low-speed wind turbine designed and developed by Envision was installed at Lankap, Henan Province, leading the development of low-wind power in Ghinavinto a new era.
Offshore Smart Wind Turbine
Envision is China's largest provider of offshore wind power solutions, with offshore wind turbines installed nearly 1GW capacity, and Envision is also the worlcTs leading company in terms of 〇ffsh〇 G electric field integration designing, construction, operation and main­ tenance.
The 4MW turbine uses the worlds most robust and reliable transmission chains and parts system and the world’s first smart control technology. This makes China’s large scale utilization of its offshore wind power resource possible. Envision's 3.6MW offshore wind turbine, known in the industry as “the Game Changer” is the worlds first to use partial pitch and carbon fiber main shaft technolo­ gies, which deal effectively with typhoon conditions and reduce the construction costs of offshore wind power facilities by 30%.

Based on Envision’s deep technology accumulation in the field of wind power and EnOS™ IOT platform, Envision innovates and creates smart wind farm products providing full life-cycle management. Envision is committed to supporting customers' continuous optimization of all business stages and constantly improving and promoting the rate of return on wind farm investment.

The Guangling smart wind farm, which was independently developed by Envision, had more than 3400 utilization hours in 2016, ranked in Shanxi Province.