Leading Distributed Solar Management Platform in China

Reduce standard coal consumption by 114 tons
Decrease carbon dioxides emission by 300 tons
Plant 6000 trees
These can be done by one school

Xinbang school 300 kW rooftop PV plant, Songjiang district, Shanghai, is invested, 
designed, constructed and operated by apollo Solar Business of Envision. It was completed in May, 2018.

Because of the PV plant, Xinbang school becomes the first campus who uses green electricity in Songjiang district, Shanghai.
The PV plant covers about 3000 m2 rooftop, whose capacity is close to 300 kW 
and estimated electricity generated for a year is more than 310,000kWh.
The electricity generated by the plant equals to reduce standard coal consumption by 114 tons, 
decrease carbon dioxides emission by 300 tons, and plant 6000 trees.

The project was designed by Apollo DAT™, the first rooftop PV plant digital design tool in China, which provides drone onsite survey and 3D modeling technology, operated and managed by Apollo Cloud™,one of the biggest distributed Pv assets management platform in China, which provides precise operation and management technology and makes it operate stably and high-efficiently in long-term.

Leading Distributed Solar Management Platform in China

Digitalize and optimize the distributed solar assets investment and management

Create significant cost savings and efficiency improvements

Leverage Al and loT technology to improve full life-cycle assets management

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Distributed solar assets developed and transacted annually

Amount of solar assets transaction served by Apollo

Photovoltaic power plants currently managed

Total sum of the solar assets served by Apollo



Professional and credible, not involved with equipment manufacture


Cover site selection, design, construction, operation and maintenance, trading. Provide a one-stop solution to the life-cycle of PV plants.


Utilize cutting edge AI and loT technologies, like image identification, machine learning, big data and cloud computing to achieve full process digital control.


Provide creative solutions for technology merger, R&D and business model, to achieve the goal of cost decreasing and efficiency increasing, and promote industry technology revolution.

Well recognized risk management standard

Widely-recognized risk control standard and technology in financial community and serves more than 50 domestic financial institutions. Support fund-raising and trading of distributed PV assets.

Strong Eco-partner System

Collect the best cooperation partners in the industry and financial institutes form a strong Eco-Cooperation System.


Leading Distributed Solar Management Platform in China

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