Enable the energy to be produced, 
stored and consumed freely among devices
in a brand new visible way.

Envision Smart Storage

Envision Smart Storage based on the EnOS™ IOT operating system adopts a product architecture of cloud deployment and cloud operation/maintenance, and integrates subsystems such as lithium battery, BMS, PCS, thermal management, fire protection, etc. to provide specific system solutions for customers according to different application scenarios such as buildings, homes and industries.

Home Storage

EnOS™ helps Sonnen, Europe's leading home storage brand, 
build a user-side energy sharing community platform to turn users into energy consumers as well as energy providers.

Online access & monitoring

Online data collection

Remote control

Self-learning system/forecasts

Smart home ready

Demand-side management

VPP ready

Distributed Storage

Based on the EnOS™ IOT operating system, building distributed storage, compatible with networking collaborative control of multiple storage devices in the building, enables unified cloud deployment and operation and maintenance, conducts 24-hour real-time data monitoring of the state and temperature of the battery in millisecond order to maintain the consistency of the battery data, and intelligently optimizes control of storage system based on cloud big data analysis and cloud computing.

Through the client app, users can view information such as building energy use status and energy efficiency gains anytime and everywhere, so as to be visibly informed of safety, efficiency and benefits of energy utilization.


基于 EnOS™ 能源操作系统,楼宇分布式储能实现统一化云端部署和运维,可支持多台储能设备楼内组网协同控制,并进行24小时实时数据监控,毫秒级监控电池的状态和温度,保持电池数据一致性,同时基于云端大数据分析与云计算,智能实现储能系统最优控制。
通过客户端 app,用户可随时随地查看楼宇用能状况和节能收益等信息,让安全、高效、收益都一目了然。 

Integrated Building Energy Management Platform
 Self-Planning, Self-Perception, Self-Learning and Self-Diagnosis

Four major software products, namely, storage planning and design, centralized storage monitoring, storage performance analysis and intelligent energy management, create big data value of buildings and efficiently optimize building energy to create an excellent management experience for owners and better user experience for tenants.

Storage Planning and Design system

Storage DAT™

The automatic capacity planning, configuration and value simulation of storage system can automatically generate customized schemes according to each customer’s requirement to maximize energy utilization profits and minimize operating costs.

Centralized Storage Monitoring system

Storage Enlight™

Real-time perception of storage system's operating state, environmental parameters and power grid information to ensure safe and stable operation of equipment.

Storage Performance Analysis system

Storage Ensight™

To optimize its own operation mode and maximize economic benefits by real-time self-learning and self-perception. To realize self-fault diagnosis and recovery based on machine learning and ensure the healthy and stable operation of equipment.

Intelligent Energy Management System


Cloud-based power monitoring and graphic visualization provide accurate energy management services and improve building energy management efficiency to lay a digital foundation for building's future “source-storage-network-load" intelligence collaboration. 
 At the same time, based on intelligent sensors and cloud computing, under the premise of energy supply security, various energy forms are comprehensively utilized for collaborative optimization, so as to reduce energy consumption costs, improve energy consumption efficiency, and achieve the best balance between energy efficiency and comfort.

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