Clean Energy
For Local People

Jiangyin - First Distributed Wind Power Project in China

Jiangyin locates in the southern part of Jiangsu province, and also the first city that developed the distribute wind power in China.The distribute wind project takes the best use of the fragments of the land with more secure and smart turbines. It is a win-win situation for ecology life and economy. 

Distributed Wind Power 
the Future is Now

With dropping cost and increasing environment friendliness driven by technology innovation, the distributed wind power has become the lead trend worldwide. Distributed wind turbines protect the climate while also provide local added value to the benefit of nearby communities.

Define the Distributed Wind Turbines

We care wind turbines. But we care more about human and nature.
The distributed wind turbine is defined as secure, high-efficiency, grid connecting and environmental friendly.  Only the turbines that fulfill all this standards can be called the distribute turbines. 

Distributed Smart Wind Turbines
Created by Envision Energy

Improved power
capture efficiency

Safety Guaranteed

Grid Friendly


Power generation enhanced by lot and AI technology

Life-cycle safety and reliability based on smart control technologies and deterministic algorithm

Designed to be quickly integrated with distribution network, reducing costs while enhancing power generation efficiency

Operate at low speed while maximizing the power generation with 70% lower noise