Renewables and Intelligent loT Technology are Redefining the Future


Envision Group is a world-leading company providing renewable energy system solutions and net zero technology partner. With the mission of ‘solving the challenges for a sustainable future', Envision continues to promote wind and solar as the ‘new coal’, batteries and hydrogen fuels as the ‘new oil’, AIoT as the ‘new grid’, net zero industrial parks as the‘ new infrastructure’ and an ecosystem of net zero technology as the ‘new industry’, to create a net zero world.

In October 2021, Envision Group was ranked second in the world on the Fortune "Change the World" list. Envision Group was ranked among the Top 10 of the 2019 'World's 50 Smartest Companies' by the MIT Technology Review.

Envision achieved carbon neutral in global operation by 2022 and will achieve carbon neutral throughout its value chain by 2028.

The old energy paradigm is breaking down and will be replaced by a new era of energy. Envision is leading a global energy technology revolution in an open and collaborative way. Together with world-class partners, we are dedicated to making the new era of beautiful energy a near-term reality.

—   Founder & CEO LEI ZHANG

Integrating Sonnen, ChargePoint, AutoGrid, and Bazefield etc., Envision is building a comprehensive global energy IoT and smart city ecosystem.

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