Plug and play
Maintenance free
Cost saving

Envision Smart Storage

Enable the energy to be produced, stored and consumed freely among devices in a brand new visible way.

Control and manage your own energy more reliably and efficiently.  

Home Storage

Building Storage

Industrial Storage

Distributed Storage

Envision distributed storage system for buildings with the concept of "safety, simplicity and intelligence", is designed to produce, store and consume energy from the power grid and provide integrated energy management services for building users by solving the load challenges such as electric vehicles charging to optimize the outcomes of building energy consumption and ensure the safety of building power supply.

Applicable scenarios:
Commercial buildings, industrial parks and other scenes, especially the areas with peak-valley electricity price differences.


High performance lithium ion battery pack

Capable of working at an ambient temperature from 0 °C to 40 °C without  air conditioning 

Compatible with networking collaborative control of multiple storage devices in buildings

24-hour real-time data monitoring by EnOS™ intelligent IOT operating system

Intelligently optimized control of storage system based on cloud 

Core advantages

and designed

space-occupied friendly
brand new appearance designed


high-end digital imaging
customized solution automatic generation

Easy installable

modular designed
simple assembly


plug and play

Maintenance free

cloud-based operation
real time battery monitoring

Storage Enlight™ 

Real-time perception of storage system operation status, environmental parameters and power grid information to ensure safe and stable operation of equipment;
Self-perception, self-learning and Self-optimizing to optimize its operation mode and maximize economic benefits. 

Mobile terminal: Capable of viewing information such as building energy consumption and energy efficiency gains anytime and anywhere.

Home Storage

 Thanks to my sonnenBatterie,I don't have to put up with conventional power companies and their ever rising energy prices. 
- Carlo Hailer, sonnenBatterie owner

Sonnen, the world's leading home storage brand

aims to provide everyone with clean and affordable energy.
30,000 home storage systems to benefit 120,000 people by clean energy
Sonnen's home storage system is designed with the advanced technologies of solar energy, lithium batteries and inverters to track information such as solar energy output, electricity consumption patterns, energy prices and weather through cloud software systems and optimize users’ energy efficiency. sonnenCommunity, an energy trading platform based on EnOS™ IOT operating system, realizes "energy sharing" and turns users into energy consumers as well as energy providers.

Families and small factories  

Home with sonnenBattery

Home Energy Management System Centered on Smart Battery


‘Energy Facebook’ for Community Energy Sharing


a virtual power plant made up of countless households to participate in peak regulation and frequency modulation of the power grid

"We are helping Sonnen, Europe's largest storage company, build an 'Energy Facebook'. Each storage battery can be connected with solar energy, electric car batteries and energy-using equipment in neighbors and communities. Based on the platform of the Internet of Things, clean energy can be shared among thousands of families."

- Zhang Lei, CEO of Envision

Industrial Storage

Envision Industrial Storage composed of storage battery, PCS, air conditioning system, cooling system, fire protection system and other sub-components achieves peak cutting and valley filling for industrial users to optimize electricity utilization gains and improve the energy utilization quality, and helps the power grid to achieve demand response.

Industrial parks

Unified technology platform

Modular design

Various charge and discharge control strategies