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Meet Our New Smart Wind Turbine

Envision Energy is the first in the industry to develop "smart turbine" with its exclusive core technology of smart control,advanced measurement method, expert data analysis system, active performance control and reliability-based deterministic turbines. The effective combination and application of these ground-breaking technologies have enabled these turbines to accurately perceive their own status and external environmental conditions. This ensures that the turbine will always function at its optimal working condition for maximum power generation and longer service life. Through a “software-defined turbine” approach, Envision Energy has surpassed the technological limits of traditional wind turbines, and increased the efficiency of wind power generation by 15%.

Envision is not only leading the development of low speed wind turbine in China, but also opening the market for distribute wind power market with innovative and reliab products.

Smart Wind Turbine

Onshore Smart Wind Turbine

Envision has pioneered development and innovation of "smart wind turbines". Envision' s world first smart wind turbine for low wind speed sites has accelerated the strategic realignment of China's wind power industry by effectively tapping low wind speed areas, which accounts for more than 60% of China's wind resource. So far, Envision has the largest market share in low wind speed turbines in China.

Offshore Smart Wind Turbine

As the leader of the offshore wind turbines in China, it has been more than 5 years since Envision s self-developed 4MW wind turbines are produced and operated. Envision has the world's leading integrated design, engineering construction and operation and maintenance capabilities of offshore wind farms. Meanwhile, Envision has the most experienced and excellent offshore R&D and engineering teams. It established the R&D Center in USA, Denmark and Germany.

2.X MW Platform Wind Turbine

Envision's 2MW platform wind turbines are designed to maximize performance, increase energy yield, and minimize downtime for a lifetime of reliable energy production.

3.X MW Platform Wind Turbine

Proven technology built with world-class components and a state of-the-art control system, the 3MW platform wind turbines are engineered for high reliability, optimal performance, and efficiency.

4.X MW Platform Wind Turbine

4.X platform wind turbines with the 156~192 rotor diameter, aim at the low-mid wind speed area, with the larger unit sweep area and higher power generation.

5.X MW Platform Wind Turbine

5.X platform wind turbines with the greater power rating and stronger environment adaptability are to achieve the optimal LCOE.

6.X MW Platform Wind Turbine

6.X platform wind turbines with the larger rotor diameter and higher adaptive wind speed, lead the development of global medium-high wind power to a new blue ocean market.

2.X MW

3.X MW

4.X MW

5.X MW

6.X MW

160 Meters,
the Tallest Onshore Wind Turbine with 17X rotor in China

So far, Envision has the largest market share in low wind speed turbines in China. In December 2021, the first 160-meter steel tower low-speed wind turbine designed and developed by Envision was installed at Sheyang, Jiangsu Province, leading the development of low-wind power in China into a new era.